Spiders… and Integrated Pest Management

Authored by Dan Huie

It is really quite curious, our relationship with these little creatures.

I recently treated a condominium for a long term client who suffers from significant arachnophobia. Panic sets in on sight. But much of the time even the fear of seeing a spider can leave our client gasping for breath and heart racing. Another of our clients, indeed a good number of our clients, want spiders preserved; almost protected as we treat for other pests.

The truth is that spiders are predators, they are beneficial. Spiders aid in the reduction of other insect pests and rarely are harmful to the average homeowner in Western Washington. Given their beneficial and relatively harmless nature, what should be done with these polarizing little guys? We let our customers decide to what level they need control. Pest control today is about educating clients, changing habitats, eliminating entry points, setting thresholds for pest occurrences, and limiting chemical applications.

This Integrated Pest Management approach benefits the client and the environment. Most importantly, the customer is held in the right position; clients draw on our expertise and let us know where their balance is between pests and pesticides. Additionally, even clients who have a very low spider threshold can experience excellent control with minimal chemical exposure – very often no exposure in the home. Choosing a pest control company that takes your interest to heart, for your family, pets, environment, even your “pests” can enhance your feelings about even the most frightening spider.

Dan Huie is the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of United Pest Solutions, Inc. Located in the Bellevue area of Washington state, Mr. Huie has sixteen years of experience with professional pest control involving Human Resource and Pest Management Professional Training. He is extensively involved with the Washington State Pest Management Association (WSPMA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).