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Nobody enjoys dealing with pest infestations in their homes or businesses. Unfortunately, even after a successful extermination service, pests can always return to your property. That’s why United Pest Solutions offers comprehensive exclusion services to protect your property from recurring problems. 

Our team of experienced professionals has been providing comprehensive exclusion services for years and knows exactly what it takes to keep unwanted pests away for good. We understand that you want results that last when it comes to pest control. We strive to provide just that by utilizing best-in-class techniques and materials designed specifically for long-term protection against pests. 

Unlike many other companies that focus solely on eliminating existing infestations, United Pest Solutions makes sure the underlying problem is addressed as well, so you don’t have to worry about needing additional treatments down the line. With our expertise in identifying potential entry points around your home or business and sealing them off before they become an issue, you can know that any future invasions will be prevented before they start!

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Protect Your Home with Pest Exclusion Services

Pest exclusion is a proactive approach to keeping pests out of your home or business. Our team at United Pest Solutions specializes in identifying and sealing off potential entry points for pests, such as cracks, gaps, and openings in your building's structure. By preventing pests from entering your property in the first place, you can avoid costly infestations and damage to your home.

Benefits of pest exclusion services include:

  • Preventing pest infestations
  • Protecting your property from damage
  • Reducing the need for chemical treatments
  • Promoting a healthier living environment
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is protected

Don't wait until pests become a problem - contact United Pest Solutions today to learn more about our pest exclusion services and keep your home pest-free.

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What is Pest Exclusion?

Pest exclusion is an essential part of any pest control strategy. It involves proactively preventing pests from entering a property by blocking potential entry points and creating physical barriers to keep them out. This can be especially effective in keeping pests away for good instead of just treating existing infestations. 

Some examples of exclusion measures include: 

  • Installing screens on windows and doors 
  • Sealing cracks or crevices around the building’s foundation, walls, rooflines, vents, pipes, etc. 
  • Trimming back trees and shrubs that may provide access to the home 
  • Replacing weather-stripping or caulking around windows and door frames 
  • Removing sources of food or water that may attract pests inside

United Pest Solutions can create a comprehensive plan tailored to your property that covers all these and more. We’ll work with you to ensure our measures are effective, affordable, and long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about dealing with recurring pest problems down the line. 

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How We Approach Exclusion in The Greater Bellevue Area

At United Pest Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to pest exclusion in the Greater Bellevue Area. Our team of experienced professionals knows what it takes to keep pests away for good, aside from just treating existing infestations.

Here are the steps we take when providing our Bellevue pest exclusion services:

  • Inspection: Our process starts with a detailed scan and analysis of your property. Our technicians identify any areas vulnerable to pests, recognize all points where they might have gained access to the property, and detect conducive conditions where they could survive. We also closely examine the exterior perimeter to pinpoint potential harborage spots for pest infestations before deciding how best to carry out our exclusion methods. 
  • Flush out: Before treatment, we perform a detailed flushing service so that no pests remain in your home before carrying out our exclusions measures. This allows our team to start from scratch so that exclusion is conducted in the most effective way possible.
  • Exclusion measures: Depending on your property's specific needs, we'll put in place a variety of exclusion measures, such as sealing or blocking potential entry points, installing screens on windows and doors, trimming back trees and shrubs that may provide access to your home or business, etc. 
  • Follow-up: To ensure the continued efficacy of our services, we’ll perform regular follow-up visits to ensure all exclusion methods are still working correctly and no new areas have been compromised. This can be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on your need, or one-time services on an as-needed basis.

At United Pest Solutions, our goal is to keep your property pest-free for years to come. Let our team of experienced professionals help you get started with your pest exclusion plan by calling (888) 880-3374 or completing our brief online contact form today!

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