A few weeks ago, we blogged about the finding of Fire Ants in the greater Bellevue area. Well, today, I am happy, or not so happy, to announce that United Pest Solutions has now found and identified a second species of Fire Ants, commonly known as the Impressive Fire Ant in our region.

United Pest Solutions technicians are working with Dr. Laurel Hansen in her ongoing research on the various ant varieties in the region, work that identifies populations, migrations, and behaviors as the pest control industry strives to target and apply technical expertise rather than just spraying and hoping for the best. Dr. Hansen’s research ultimately helps consumers by offering a resource of identification and control methods. The more precise we can be the more effective control we can offer, and thus limiting pesticide usage and exposure.

United Pest Solutions technicians are motivated by Integrated Pest Management. We believe our clients want the very best care, meaning that they want pest protection, but they want it in a way that is best for their family and the environment. Only by understanding clearly what pest species you are treating, what the possibilities are in our region, and how those species interact with control methods, can we deliver such a high level of control.

While Fire Ant occurrences in the NW have commonly been viewed, even in the pest control industry, as an aberration, our technicians have found thriving colonies of 2 different species, and in varied locations. A pest that was once presumed to be restrained to warmer, dryer climates is here and doing quite well. In fact, Dr. Hansen has pointed to a similar phenomenon in Vancouver, BC.

Pest control is an increasingly exciting industry. Changes in pest populations, regulations, chemistries, and approaches require pest control companies to stay on their toes. Constant training, study, and industry involvement are required. Moreover, the passion to know your industry and for professionalism must be present in every technician and every company for effective, sound pest management. I am very proud of our technicians and Operations Manager, Rick Rux, for the work they do, and their active role in improving the pest control industry