Should I use heat and chemicals to get rid of bed bugs?

So you’ve got a bed bug problem, and now you are looking for the best solution. Many people my try to address their bed bug issues themselves, but does DIY bed bug removal work? There is no one size fits all approach for addressing bed bug infestations, as there are many factors that influence the best bed bug treatment option for each individual situation. When it comes to bed bug infestation treatment, folks generally want to know if heat, chemicals, or both are the ideal solution. The answer is simple- it depends on the circumstances surrounding the infestation. Bed bug treatments, specifically heat treatment versus pesticide treatment will be briefly discussed.

Heat is a fantastic treatment method for dealing with a bed bug control problem. Bed bugs die quickly once they encounter heat of 120 degrees or hotter, and their eggs perish as well, even in those hard to reach places like bed frames, wallpaper, and floor crevices. If you have a small bed bug infestation, chances are that one or two thorough professional heat treatments can rid you of the problem. Do-it-yourself heat treatment methods will not see the same results. In order for heat treatment for bed bug infestations to be effective, professional equipment used by a trained pest control specialist is the only way. DIY bed bug removal is difficult on your own. Pest control specialists have the education and experience to properly use heat treatment to defeat bed bugs. Trying to use heat equipment on your own poses risk and could result in injury, and as such this is highly discouraged.

Chemicals and pesticides are also a successful bed bug infestation treatment too. Those with extensive bed bug infestations will likely need to use chemicals during the treatment process because large infestations are extremely challenging to combat and can take months to completely eradicate. Pesticides are great at preventing re-infestations once a bed bug problem has become manageable. Chemical treatments are also appealing in environments where heat treatment may damage furniture, electronics, and other sensitive items.

So which bed bug infestation treatment is the right fit for your situation? Call a reputable pest control professional to help you discern the answer. One thing is certain, your best bet of fighting and winning a bed bug infestation is with the help of a certified pest specialist using comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Should you choose to enter into battle alone, be forewarned, the decline in signs of an infestation does not mean it has been the problem has been eradicated. Bed bug infestations can last indefinitely if you don’t get the proper help from trusted professionals.

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