Keeping Insects and Pests Out of Your Restaurant

Restaurant Pest Control

There are few things restaurateurs dread more than a pest problem. They can set in with little warning, and major infestations can require lengthy food service pest control processes. Keeping insects and pests out of your restaurant may be accomplished with these simple tips.

Better Food Storage to Keep Pests Out

Inspect food shipments and their containers for pests, droppings, bite marks, and scratch marks before you bring them into your restaurant. Make sure your food storage containers are clean, well-sealed, and neatly stacked. Food should be kept at least 6 inches away from walls, ceilings and floors. All storage areas should be clean and kept at the proper temperature. Restaurant pest control services professionals recommend doing daily storage area inspections for signs of pests.

Labeling and FIFO (First In, First Out)

All food should be labeled clearly with the day it was stored. Stick with a first in, first out policy for using foods. Use the oldest labeled products before the newest to reduce the chance of spoilage. The pungent smell of spoiled food is more likely to attract pests.

Handling Waste so as Not to Attract Insects

All trash bins should be covered to seal them and lined to prevent residue and strong smells from building in the cans. Filled liners should be taken out to the dumpsters daily or multiple times a day, and the cans themselves should also be cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate any residue. Food service pest control companies emphasize the importance of keeping dumpster areas clean as well.

Clean Drains Keeps Flies Away

Another area our restaurant pest control services often see overlooked are drains. Food collecting in drains and drain traps will rot, attracting pests like flies. Clean floor drain traps regularly. Use a drain trap to catch organic matter before it can build up in the pipes.

Seal Pests Out – Block Entry Points

Blocking entry points is a key pest deterrent. All doors and windows should have well-fitted screening. Holes, cracks and crevices around the restaurant should be caulked or otherwise sealed. Keep your doors closed as much as possible as well. If you need help identifying potential entry points, a food service pest control company can help.

Keeping insects and pests out of your restaurant is a full-time job, as they have a way of creeping inside even in the cleanest, most well-sealed restaurants. At the first sign of a potential pest problem, it is critical to call a restaurant pest control specialist. Early action will help you reclaim your restaurant faster and with fewer treatments.