How Rodents Can Destroy Your Home

Rodents seek warmth, which is why winter is a prime time for rodents to infest homes, outbuildings, and sheds. The rodents that can cause the most damage to your home are small and appear rather innocent. Commonly these are Mice and Rats. Although they aren’t outwardly malicious, they pose very real health and safety risks.

Rodents Cause Damage as They Enter

Like you, rodents want to feel warm and safe. This is why your home is the perfect place for them and they’ll do anything they can to get inside. Some rodents will chew through your roofing to gain access into your home, while others like Norway rats will burrow into your home under your home’s foundation.

Rodents Will Gnaw on Everything

Once a rodent has gained entry into your home, they’ll look for an undisturbed spot to build a nest, such as your basement or attic. To build their nest, they’ll need materials, so they’ll chew on and shred nearly anything in their sight, from insulation and newspapers to boxes and upholstery. Electrical wiring isn’t safe from rodents either, which will not only cause a short circuit but also pose fire risks.

Rodents Can Contaminate Your Food and Surfaces

While those rodents are looking around your home for nesting materials, water, and food, they’ll also leave behind their droppings and urine. This not only contaminates your surfaces but also alerts other rodents that your home is a safe and food-abundant place. And because rodents are equipped with sharp teeth, they can chew through any foods you have stored, contaminating them and potentially spreading disease.

Rodents Spread Diseases

Rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases through direct and indirect contact, including salmonella, tapeworm, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. People aren’t the only ones at risk either—pets can also become ill from rodent-spread diseases. In fact, pet food is a common treat for rodents.

Rodents Are Prolific Breeders

Although a single rodent may not cause reason to be alarmed, populations can grow very quickly. When it comes to rats, females can breed up to 7 litters a year, with around 14 babies in each litter. As for mice, a female house mouse can produce up to 150 young during a single year!

Need Help Protecting Your Home From Rodents?

As you can see, rodents not only threaten your structure, but your health as well. If you have a rodent problem, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional, like United Pest Solutions. Our pest control technicians have the tools, experience, and knowledge to eliminate rodent problems for good.

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