6 Tips for Keeping Ants Away This Summer

Ants are everywhere in the Bellevue area. While you may not think they’re a problem, the truth is they can contaminate your food and affect your home’s structural integrity. To help keep these tiny pests outside where they belong, follow these tips from United Pest Solutions.

Indoor Ant Prevention Tips

Store Food Properly

This may come as no surprise, but ants are attracted to food. Store your food in airtight containers and avoid leaving pet dishes out all day.

Clean Up

Ants feed on crumbs, trash, and pantry products and will likely invade your home if they sense food in your pantry or garbage can. In addition to storing food properly, also make sure to clean up spills immediately. This will help disrupt any pheromone trails they’ve left behind.

Reduce Moisture

Many pests are attracted to water, including ants. Repair any water leaks or drips in your home.

Outdoor Ant Prevention Tips

Seal Entrances

Ants can easily fit through the smallest of cracks in your home. It is helpful to seal these gaps with caulk. Pay particular attention to windows, doors, and around pipes that lead into your home.

Remove Debris

Stones, leaves, and other yard debris make great nesting grounds so clear yard debris to help deter ants from your property. If possible, cut back trees touching the house or roofline as this acts as a superhighway for ants. Also, ants love dense low-lying vegetation or ground cover. Work to either eliminate those areas if practical or attempt to keep those areas at least 3 feet away from the house if possible. Basically, the less vegetation near the house the better.

Relocate Firewood

Firewood, especially moist and damaged firewood is a huge ant attractant. If you keep firewood on your property, move it away from your home and on a raised structure.

Experts in Ant Control

In some cases, the only way to completely treat and prevent an ant infestation is to work with a qualified pest professional who can locate and remove the nests, like United Pest Solutions. We’ve been offering safe and effective pest control solutions in the greater Bellevue WA area since 1960. Contact us today to learn how we can help you have a pest-free home.

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