Why Do Rodents Enter Homes?

Rodents are pesky creatures that can cause all sorts of problems. Bite marks on your walls, chewed-up wires, germ-ridden droppings, and the risk of disease are just a few of the issues rodents can cause if they get inside your home.

Even worse is how resilient these creatures can be; they can fit into tiny spaces, survive off of strange food sources, and withstand some pretty harsh conditions, which makes it difficult to stop an infestation once it’s started.

But, if rodents are so hardy and equipped to survive outdoors, why are they so determined to get inside your home in the first place? Well, similar to you, they want to live somewhere comfortable and convenient. Here are some of the main reasons why rodents are attracted to your home:

  • It’s warm and cozy. Especially when the winter chill sets in, rodents will begin to look for a warm place to stay. Because they’re warm-blooded animals, rodents need shelter when it’s freezing out. For that reason, your home may seem like the perfect place for them to get away from the cold.
  • There’s plenty of food sources. Food out in the open is like a free buffet for rodents. But, even if you properly store your food, these pests may still find strange things to snack on. Rats in particular will eat all sorts of things we wouldn’t consider edible, from compost material and garbage to pet waste and bar soap.
  • There’s moisture all around. Rodents need constant moisture to drink from, and your home likely has plenty of sources for them to choose from. Leaking pipes, pet bowls, dripping faucets, or a damp basement are all places that a rodent may be drawn to.

How to Keep Rodents From Getting Inside

Since many rodents would consider your home a paradise, it’s important to take the proper precautions to keep these pests outside. Some ways to keep rodents from entering your home include:

  • Fixing any cracks, holes, or openings. Rodents are small and can fit through surprisingly small spaces. Reducing the number of openings into your home can prevent rodents from crawling indoors.
  • Keep your trash covered – even outdoors. An uncovered trash bin can alert rodents that there’s food nearby, which can attract them into your home. Keeping a secure lid on your bin can keep rodents at bay.
  • Seal off any leaky pipes or faucets. Rodents are also drawn to moisture, so a leaky pipe or faucet can bring them into your home. Preventing rodents from entering your house is just another reason to fix any drips.
  • Keep all of your food carefully stored. Though rodents can eat all sorts of things, they’ll definitely be drawn to food that isn’t properly stored. Placing your snacks in airtight containers can limit the amount of food they have access to inside of your home, which may prompt them to find somewhere else to live.

Expert Rodent Control

If you’ve tried everything and still keep finding signs of rodents inside of your home, it may be time to turn to the experts. That’s where United Pest Solutions can help! Since 1960, our experienced pest control technicians have been keeping homes in the Bellevue WA metropolitan area pest-free. We can help identify an infestation and provide effective solutions so you don’t have to worry about a rodent outbreak in your home. Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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