Multi-Family Home Pest Control

MULTI-FAMILY HOME PEST CONTROL – Apartments & Condominiums

Property managers have a major responsibility in making sure all their tenants are enjoying a high quality living experience. Part of that responsibility includes taking all the necessary precautions when it comes to preventative pest management. High quality living is not possible when residing within a multi-family complex and dealing with a bedbug, rodent, ant, insect, or spider outbreak.

A pest outbreak has the potential to ruin your multi-family home business by significantly reducing your revenue as well as destroying your good name and reputation. Restoring a damaged reputation is near impossible to do, and the lost profit can never be replaced. For many property owners, pest control issues can be stressful. Don’t stress! Call United Pest Solutions today and fight your pests so you can go back to worrying about the more important things in life.

Some of the pest we encounter most often are:

  • Ants – large ants, small ants
  • Spiders – indoor, outdoor, poisonous
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flying Insects – bees, wasps, flies, fruit flies,
  • Birds – pigeons, sparrows, crows, woodpeckers
  • Rodents – mice, rats, possum
  • Stored Product Pests – silverfish, pantry beetles, earwigs, centipedes
  • Ticks

Some tenants have even gone so far as to sue the apartment complex they were living in for the damage incurred as a result of a pest infestation. When a pest outbreak occurs in multi-family housing, it can quickly spread from one family to many families in the blink of an eye. Property managers have experienced an exodus of vacancies a result of large and hard to control pest infestations. Keep your tenants happy and provide a comfortable living situation for all renters by called United Pest Solutions to help you keep your apartment building completely pest free.

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Hiring an Exterminator for your Condominium or Apartment

When you choose United Pest Solutions for your condominium or apartment pest control needs, you will get seasoned professionals that will examine the entirety of your property and then create a customized pest control plan to ensure your tenants stay pest free. It is likely that this plan will include an education portion for you to share with you tenants on how they too can help keep the property pest free. You can be rest assured that the pest control professionals with United Pest Solutions have the expertise to rid you of any size outbreak then implement preventative pest management techniques. Below are a few tips for keeping your apartment complex pest free.

Tips for Keeping Your Property Pest Free

  • Identify all possible entry points for pests on the property and seal them
  • Make sure all food is put away and contained within air tight containers
  • Dispose of garbage properly by keeping it sealed and outside of the home
  • Keep your home clean and vacuum regularly
  • Keep all vegetation neatly groomed including small potted plants
  • Implement periodic drain cleaning
  • If you have a basement or underground living area, keep the place tidy and dry. If you have a moisture issue in your basement, address it immediately.

United Pest Solutions has a courteous staff of seasoned pest professionals with a background in integrated pest management for apartment, condo, and multi-family living complexes giving you the freedom to focus on the other many important facets of property management. For more information on how to keep your multi-family complex pest free, call United Pest Solutions today!

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