When is it Time to call an Ant Exterminator?

When Is It Time to Call an Ant Exterminator?

For some pest infestations, do-it-yourself is not enough. Certain types of infestations are best handled by knowledgeable professionals, due to either danger posed by the species or the manner in which the infestation has settled in. In the name of health and the stability of a home, it is best to call in the professionals in cases like these.

When the Ants Can Swarm or Sting

Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets should always be handled by a licensed professional. Even fire ants have a stinger, which they will not hesitate to use when threatened. These insects are all part of the order Hymenoptera, and they share certain behavioral similarities, including nesting behavior. When their nest is disturbed, these insects will swarm their attacker, stinging and injecting the attacker with venom. Every year even people who are not allergic to these insects are sent to hospitals after being stung hundreds of times due to disturbing a nest.

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When Structural Damage Is a Concern

Termites are also part of order Hymenoptera. However, the main concern from a termite infestation is structural damage. Termites not only nest in wooden structures; they eat wood. A termite nest can destroy a home from the inside out in a relatively short period of time, so quick and effective treatment is absolutely necessary. A pest control professional can find problem spots that a layperson might not be aware of and treat the problem before it can damage a home irreparably. Other insects that damage wooden structures, such as carpenter ants and powder post beetles, should likewise be treated by professionals. When structural damage is an issue, DIY should not be attempted.

Ants should without question be treated by a licensed pest control professional. Ats have become a serious problem in recent years and a number of urban legends about DIY treatments have caused both property damage and even deaths. Not only do Ants live in furniture and clothing–they can be found in locations such as behind wall paper and inside of electrical switches. A knowledgeable pest control professional will not only know where to look for these insects, but can safely and effectively treat an infestation.

When You Have Recurring Ant Infestations

Reoccurring infestations should always be treated by a professional. If pests keep returning, it is a sign that something is not working. A licensed pest control professional is the best source for both effective treatment and advice on how best to prevent future infestations.

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