Keeping Roaches Out of Your Home

How Do You Keep Roaches Out of Your Home?

Preventing roaches from entering a home can seem like an insurmountable task given how resourceful cockroaches are. In reality keeping roaches out of a home is easier than one would expect. The two main elements required to do so are diligence and a beginner’s knowledge of cockroaches. Roaches are omnivorous insects that prefer to live in dark locations and have a long association with humans. Because of the nature of human habitations, roaches find themselves with access to plenty of food and many small, dark places to hide in until it is safe to come out in search of a meal.

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Preventing Roaches in Your Home

In order to prevent roaches from accessing a home, entrances by which the roaches can find their way inside should be searched out and sealed off. This includes cracks in foundations, gaps in window and door seals, holes in walls, and unscreened vents. Due to their body size and shape, cockroaches can squeeze through small or flat gaps that can escape notice at first glance. A thorough check should be made once or twice a year in order to ensure that no new gaps and cracks have occurred that can let roaches inside. In addition, upkeep outside of a home can ensure that a house does not attract roaches. Cockroaches can be drawn to piles of vegetation or trash where they can hide and feed, and so keeping a clean environment around a home avoids giving roaches an invitation onto the property.

The other step in preventing roaches is ensuring that they have little to no access to food. This includes dirty dishes, organic garbage, pet food, spilled liquids, and even paper and cardboard. Cockroaches are extremely adaptable and can eat almost anything organic in nature. They key is not only putting away what is traditionally thought of as food, but limiting access to other tempting items. Dishes should be cleaned thoroughly and put away quickly. Garbage that has been in contact with food, such as cans, should be rinsed thoroughly before being thrown into a secured garbage can that is emptied regularly. Cardboard boxes and paper items like newspaper should be removed, as they provide both food and a hiding place for cockroaches.

Keeping roaches out of a home may seem like an intimidating prospect but it can be done with some effort and attentiveness. If these preventative measures are not enough, a licensed pest control professional may be the answer.

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