How Fleas Get Inside a Home

How Fleas Get Inside a Home

A parasitic insect that finds nourishment from the blood of their hosts is the flea. They aren’t very picky, but they do prefer hairy mammals. Both wild animals and domesticated critters are subject to a flea’s need for blood. Even without wings, a flea can jump long distances to find its next meal on any passing unsuspecting animal such as rabbits, dogs, cats, squirrels, mice or rats.

Don’t let the fleas inside homes be a surprise

Fleas easily find methods to get into homes. It’s usually a surprise to homeowners when they find fleas on the family dog despite the fact the animal only resides in the home. It only takes a few fleas to establish residence in a home or garden for the creation of a full-blown flea infestation. Even with the use of monthly prevention practices, fleas inside homes will find the means onto the family pets for nourishment.

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Uninvited Wild Animals

Regrettably, keeping wild animals out of the family’s yard even with the sturdiest fence is not possible. Several animals from small rodents to raccoons to deer need to feed their young. They may at any time wander into the yard or garden looking for nourishment, transporting fleas and ticks from their fur. Even the smallest mouse or squirrel can leave enough fleas behind to create a problem. Cats left to themselves that have become feral are also carriers of fleas and ticks. Cutting off all food supplies is the easiest way to discourage wild animals from coming into the yard. Despite the best intentions, leaving nuts, seeds, corn or even a dish of water out is the perfect invitation for wild animals to hang around the yard leaving the family pet to carry fleas inside houses.

Flees can Occur Anywhere Beyond the Home

The opportunity for the family dog or cat to be exposed to fleas can occur anytime they go out into the world beyond the home. Even the most unsuspecting places can harbor fleas to include:

• Veterinarian clinics
• Boarding kennels
• Walk around the block
• Groomer
• Hiking trails

It is important to check carefully for fleas and ticks on the return from any of these places. It can help to avoid fleas inside the home. These insects like to find the well-hidden crevices and the furriest sections of a pet’s coat to hide. They also hide in the fur of a pet’s neck, armpits, and abdomen. The chance of fleas inside houses grows.

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