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Is Mosquito Spraying Safe?

When a delightful family get-together in the backyard turns into an itchy, unpleasant afternoon just batting flying, buzzing pests away, it’s time for a professional’s assistance. Even with the best efforts to rid backyards of these insects, everyone is still walking away with itchy bites. Finding swarms of mosquitoes in several areas of the yard is a serious matter. An experienced mosquito control team can identify the best treatments to regain control of the yard’s mosquito population.

Is mosquito spraying safe?

When looking for sprays to rid the yard of these annoying pests, what is safe? Are these chemicals dangerous to the family, the environment, or toxic to the lawn and shrubs? Will the garden turn brown by morning if the directions are not followed thoroughly? How can you know what is effective and safe for everyone? Choosing the right solution for a mosquito free environment can be tricky. With a team of trained and licensed pest control experts, you can be sure the applications will cure the mosquito problem in the yard while keeping the family safe.

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The Importance of Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading diseases. Approximately 700 million people around the world get sick from mosquito bites each year. These diseases are caused by parasites, bacteria, or viruses transmitted by a mosquito’s bite. As people travel more and more around the world, the chances of mosquitoes transferring disease increases. Several diseases transmitted this way are the Zika fever, West Nile fever, yellow fever, malaria, dengue virus, Chikungunya, and several different strains of encephalitis.

Professional Integrated Mosquito Spraying Management

Organized integrated spraying methods need to be initiated to control these pests. An experienced team will check the home for mosquito nests, larvae control, and removal which will fit into all environmentally safe techniques to clear suspected areas of a home. Professionals know each stage of the mosquito life cycle which assists in containing any future mosquito infestations. Today some of the pesticides experts use are now actually broken down into larvicides for the mosquito’s infant stage of the life cycle, and adulticides for the adult stages of a mosquito’s life cycle. This helps to keep a strong handle on these pests. Mosquito control begins with these effective management elements which include:

  • Evaluate adult and larval sampling
  • Reduce water and food sources
  • Introduce parasite and predators of mosquitoes to help with elimination
  • With mosquito spraying of larvicides and adulticides destroy remaining mosquitoes

With continued care and monitoring of homes, prevention of further infestations is possible with the support of a qualified mosquito management team.

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