You might be asking yourself, “Why does a pest control company need a blog? What do we need to know about them besides the fact that they kill bugs?” It’s a fair question…

For us, there are really two reasons. First, we feel like we have a lot to say. We have served the Puget Sound region for over 50 years. During that time, we have amassed a lot of experience and we have a lot of stories to tell. For us, pest control is not just a service that we perform, it’s a way for us to connect with our community and to enrich people’s lives. Pest control isn’t something that just anybody can do (or would choose to). It requires a unique skill set, attention to detail, and an always-evolving knowledge of the remarkable critters that we are trying to control. We know the emotions that people go through when their home has been invaded by an unwanted bug or rodent. We know the uncertainty that goes with trusting someone you’ve never met to enter your home and make the problem go away. And we know what it is like to have family and friends being affected by something that eats away at their peace of mind.

Pest control, in and of itself, just isn’t enough. We believe that pest control should be about building life-enhancing relationships by establishing peace of mind and trust with our clients and our community. We believe that pest control is about safety. It’s about courtesy, peace of mind, respect, and trust.

But there is another, very simple, reason for having a blog. We want to know how you perceive our service… United Pest Solutions has been local to the Bellevue area since 1960. We love this community and we want to do more to improve and preserve it. If there are issues in the community that you want to talk about, we want to hear about it. If you have concerns, we want to hear about it.

Everything that we do is driven by our desire to always be constantly improving. We want to know more about the people that we are serving so that we can serve them in better ways. We want to know how we’re doing — even if it’s not always the answer we are looking for. We love our community, and we are truly grateful for each and every client who uses our services.

Comments? Suggestions? You can use our contact page to let us know!