Permits Require Rodent Abatement in Kirkland, WA

The spring and summer months present homeowners and contractors with the ideal weather for tackling those larger construction and landscaping projects. If you are thinking about doing some major landscaping or adding an addition to your home or even building a new home then you need to be thinking about rodents! For example, ordinance 3873 in Kirkland, WA, requires certain types of permit applications to demonstrate proof of rodent abatement before the permit is issued.

“As prescribed by Ordinance 3873, if you apply for or receive a permit that involves demolition, grading, or land surface modification activities, rodent abatement will be required prior to issuance of your permit. New single-family and single-family addition projects may also require rodent abatement if rodent habitat will be disturbed in the process.”

United Pest Solutions can help ensure that your rodent abatement program is both cost effective and properly documented with the required records so that your permit application process won’t be held up. Well, at least not because of rodent control!

We have a long, successful history of working with commercial contractors and city officials on projects of all sizes and we have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the rules and regulatory requirements in Kirkland. If you are a contractor working on the Eastside, you need to be working with us on your next project! If you are a home owner looking to do some landscaping or building then be sure you check into the rules regarding pest control measures before you begin to avoid delays and fines. If you discover that you do need professional rodent control then give our office a call and let us make life a little easier on you — without blowing your budget!

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