Are Your Fruit Trees Attracting Rodents?

Having a fruit tree or orchard is a nice, convenient way to grow produce for yourself and your family. But the fruit may be attracting unwanted pests in the form of rodents like roof rats and Norway rats. Below are actions you can take now to prevent rodents from making their way onto your property and destroying your fruit trees.

How to Keep Rodents Away from Your Fruit Trees

  1. Space Out Your Trees: if tree branches are touching each other, rats can easily climb and run from one tree to the next. And if a tree is close to your home, this will make it easier for them to hop onto your roof and get inside your home. So when planting your fruit trees, keep in mind their proximity to one another and their distance from your home.
  2. Add Rat Guards: Norway rats and roof rats are incredible climbers. They will climb siding, chimneys, and trees. You can add metal sheets or sturdy plastic to the trunks of your fruit trees, to help prevent rodents from climbing.
  3. Prune and Trim Branches: if your tree has droopy branches, rats may see this as a way to eat any fallen fruit while going unseen since the branches will inadvertently hide them. Regularly trimming branches will keep rodents like mice, Norway rats, and roof rats from approaching.
  4. Pick up Fallen Fruit: like mentioned above, rats will feast on any fruit that may have fallen off your tree. So keep an eye on your trees and if you see fallen fruit, pick it up immediately. Keep in mind, if the fruit is going to be thrown in the trash, properly seal the trash receptacle. You also don’t want rodents attracted to your garbage.

Experts in Rodent Removal

Rodents are resilient and if you have an infestation, the likelihood of you getting another one is high. United Pest Solutions is your local source for rodent, mice and rat removal. Our highly-skilled pest control specialists will eliminate your rodent problem quickly and efficiently. And we’ll also keep your home rodent-free in the long term. So contact United Pest Solutions today for your pest control needs!

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