Sugar Ant Problem? 10 Natural Tips to Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

This time of year not only brings warmer days and sunshine, but this is also a time when you may see an increase in tiny black sugar ants which are also called odorous house ants because of the odor they release when crushed.

If you have kids or pets and don’t want to reach for the bug spray, we at United Pest Solutions has created a list featuring the 10 ways you can get rid of sugar ants naturally.

Homemade Cleaners

Sugar ants communicate with one another by leaving trails of pheromones. These trails can warn nestmates about danger, let them know where food is, and show them how to find their way back to their nest. You can remove these pheromone trails using a natural cleanser made with everyday household items. This includes:

  • Soap and water: These materials are not only easy to find, but this is also the easiest way to get rid of a constant ant trail.
  • Vinegar and water: Vinegar is known for being a natural cleanser and helping eliminate odors. Mix a 50/50 vinegar and water solution into a spray bottle and use it on ants to kill them immediately.

Essential Oils and Herbs to Deter Odorous Ants

These are easy non-toxic ways that have been found successful in ant infestations. However, the right concentration must be used, and these materials may need to be applied regularly.

Essential Oils: Citrus oils, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil can be made into a spray solution to deter ants. Use about 8 ounces of water mixed with 20 drops of oil and spray along window sills, and doorways. If you want an essential oil spray for kitchen surfaces specifically, mix about 7 drops of lemon oil and 15 drops of peppermint oil with water.

Coffee Grounds: Since coffee can stain surfaces, we recommend using it with caution; think doorways and window sills.

Cinnamon: Use this spice around doorways, window sills, and baseboards to deter ants.

Pepper: This is another spice that’s readily available that you can use to ward off ants.

Bay Leaves: There are different ways you can use bay leaves to deter sugar ants. You can place a leaf in your pantry, or grind it up and sprinkle it where they’re active.

Powders to Ward Off Odorous Ants

If you don’t have some of the materials above, or would rather use a powder substance. Here are several to choose from.

Borax: Found in the laundry-cleaning aisle, this product messes with an ants digestive system eventually resulting in death. Use caution when using this product. Borax may cause skin irritation, and could be harmful if swallowed, so keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Cornstarch: Cornstarch is a common product used when cooking. Sprinkle some on an ant trail. Ants can’t digest cornstarch, so after eating it, they’ll slowly die.

Diatomaceous Earth: This garden product is made from fossilized diatoms and kills any insect. Sprinkle a generous amount near doorways and baseboards.

Experts in Pest Control

Of course, the sure-fire way to getting rid of an ant infestation is by calling in the experts. United Pest Solutions’ licensed exterminators will get rid of your sugar ant infestation quickly and efficiently. So contact United Pest Solutions today for your pest control needs!