7 Tips to Help Prevent Pantry Pests

Pantry pests or “stored product pests” are a group of pests that include ants, Indianmeal Moths, confused flour beetles, and earwigs. These pests are attracted to dry, processed foods that include anything from cake mix and spices to flour and crackers. Use these 7 tips to prevent pantry pests from raiding your pantry and cupboards.

Preventing Pantry Pests

1. Inspect Groceries

Most pantry pests are brought into homes through already infested dry goods. While grocery shopping, inspect the packaging on items before placing them in your cart. If they are ripped or damaged in any way, don’t buy them. This also includes pet food.

2. Avoid Buying in Bulk

Dry foods that sit for a long period of time like flour and sugar are an open invitation to pests. If you don’t use these products regularly, you may want to consider purchasing smaller packages and replenishing as needed.

3. Use Proper Storage

Pantry pests can easily chew through the cardboard boxes and paper used for packaging dry goods. Store your goods in air-tight containers and wash them in between uses.

4. Never Mix Old with New

As you replenish your dry foods, remember not to mix the old product with the new one unless you are absolutely sure both are pest-free.


5. Practice Cleanliness

Don’t let spills and messes sit for long periods of time as this will only attract pantry pests. In addition to cleaning up immediate spills, periodically clean out your pantry and wipe down the surfaces inside. This will eliminate any crumbs, syrups or spices that have spilled and can help get rid of any pantry pests that may be hiding.

6. Check Expiration Dates

As you periodically clean out your cupboards and/or pantry, check your food products’ expiration dates. If you find an expired product that has sat for a long period of time, you’ll want to toss it out.

7. Act Quickly

If you see pantry pests in your home, toss out your contaminated foods immediately. Next, clean shelves with a vacuum and soap and water. If your pantry pest infestation is severe, you’ll want to contact a professional, like United Pest Solutions. We will inspect your home, identify the pest, and safely treat it

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