Your Ghoulish Guide to Halloween Pests

It’s common this time of year to see fake spiders, cobwebs, and rats on people’s porches as Halloween approaches, but there are some real-life spooky pests that are common in the Pacific Northwest. Read more to learn about pests you’ll typically find in our area.


While spiders are a commonly feared pest, only a few species in our area are actually dangerous. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Black Widows, and Hobo spiders are the ones you should be worried about. These spiders typically hang out in dark cooler areas where they will go undisturbed, like garages and sheds. It’s rare to be bitten by one of these spiders, but if you do get bit and you are experiencing a severe reaction, you should see a doctor immediately.

Brown Recluse spiders are another venomous spider, but contrary to belief, they aren’t native to our area. The only way you may see a brown recluse is if it traveled here from another part of the country.

If you have a spider in your home you’d like to identify, we have a helpful spider informational page. There are nearly a dozen species you can learn more about.


The sight of a rat or mouse scurrying across your living room floor may cause you, and anyone else at that matter, to jump and shriek. The rodents common in the Pacific Northwest are the Norway rat, Roof rat, house mouse, and deer mouse. These rodents are nocturnal and are perfectly adapted to life in the Bellevue area.

These rodents can be quite destructive. Not only will they chew through your belongings, electrical wires, and wood inside your homes, they can contaminate your home with their urine and droppings. And they can transmit diseases.

If you have fall decor in cardboard boxes, it may be a good idea to inspect it for any signs of rodent activity. This includes gnawing marks or droppings. And when you want to store it again, we recommend putting your decor in plastic boxes with sealed lids. If you’d like to learn more about each rodent species in our area, take a look at our rodent informational page.

Bed Bugs

Like rodents, bed bugs are most active at night. However, they will adjust to the sleeping pattern of their host– which are humans. They will live in box springs, mattresses, couches, baseboards, and anywhere else their host stays for long periods of time. Bed bugs can travel in backpacks, purses, or clothing and then infest another location.

While their bites don’t transmit diseases to humans, they will leave you itchy, and damage your peace of mind. If you plan on buying a Halloween costume from a yard sale or thrift shop, it may be a good idea to inspect it for bed bugs or eggs and wash it prior to wearing it. You can learn more about bed bugs in our bed bug informational page.

Experts in Pest Control

If you have spiders, rodents, bed bugs or any other creepy crawler infestation contact United Pest Solutions. We have been providing environmentally responsible pest control to the Bellevue area since 1967 so we are highly knowledgeable about the pests that live here and we know how to properly remove them. We’ll also ensure your family and pets are cared for in the process. So contact United Pest Solutions for quick and reliable pest control services in the Bellevue area!

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