How to Keep Bugs Out of Firewood

A crackling fire can be a great source of warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. However, your firewood could also be inviting something far less pleasant into your home: bugs. From ants and termites to spiders and wasps, all sorts of insects are drawn to the nooks and crannies of a log pile. To avoid accidentally bringing pests indoors while setting up for a relaxing night around the hearth, follow these simple tips on how to keep bugs out of firewood:

  • Keep your firewood outdoors: Though it may be tempting to keep a stack of logs within arm’s reach so you can keep the fire going without stepping into the cold, doing so could bring unwanted critters indoors.
  • Keep logs at least 20 feet away from your home: Encountering pests in your firewood is never ideal, but it’s always worse to find them indoors. If your log pile is too close to your house, then pests will have an easier time sneaking inside.
  • Cover your firewood to keep it dry: Some pests, such as termites, thrive in damp environments. Covering your firewood will not only make it easier to burn, but it will also prevent rotting or infestation.
  • Raise the logs off of the ground: Termites are one of the most common firewood pests, and they travel from the ground up. Raising your logs a couple of inches off the ground will prevent wood-destroying insects while keeping the bottom of your pile nice and dry.
  • Use older logs first: The longer a log is sitting outside, the more likely it is to become a home for insects. Try to stack your firewood in a way that places the oldest logs on top, so they are easier to grab.
  • Inspect your firewood before bringing it indoors: Even after taking these precautions, pests may still attach to your firewood. A quick visual scan can help you spot bugs before they’re inside of your house.
  • Burn your firewood immediately after bringing it inside: If firewood sits indoors for even just a few hours, any burrowed pests will be able to invade other areas of your home. Similarly, tiny eggs in the bark could fall off, which leaves you vulnerable to an infestation.

Why You Should Never Use Pesticides on Firewood

If you keep finding bugs in your firewood, you may consider spraying the logs down with pesticides. However, doing so could put your health at serious risk. Pesticides often contain chemicals that will contaminate your indoor air once the log is burned. For that reason, you should never use pesticides on any wood that you intend to burn, even for an outdoor fire.

What to Do if Your Firewood Is Infested

The occasional bug in your firewood isn’t anything to be alarmed about. But what if you keep finding insects all over your log pile? If you suspect you are dealing with an infestation, start by moving the firewood farther away from your home. Though more distance is always better, aim for at least 30 feet. Having space between the pests and your house will prevent the bugs from spreading to the rest of your property.

Once the infested firewood is at a safer distance, get in touch with a pest control professional. Outdoor infestations can be incredibly tricky to deal with, especially without the help of pesticides. A qualified technician will be able to devise a personalized plan to eliminate the insects quickly, safely, and reliably.

Pest Control Experts in Bellevue WA

Struggling with bugs in your firewood? The experts at United Pest Solutions are here to help! With decades of experience serving the greater Bellevue WA area, our team knows how to resolve outdoor infestations even with our rainy climate. All of our treatments use environmentally responsible products that are carefully selected based on your unique needs. With same and next day appointments, we’ll be able to get your firewood pest-free in no time!

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